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IPAC Preventative Measures

Formerly the COVID Page

As of July 21, 2023, this page is up to date.

Going forward, COVID-19 Preventative Measures will be called IPAC Preventative Measures.

Infection Prevention and Control is a team effort. It involves being thoughtful about preventing infection, controlling infection when it does happen, and so much more. IPAC Preventative Measures build on routine practices, adding additional layers of protection to our everyday approach to preventing and controlling infection.

At present, CLGW has a several IPAC Preventative Measures in place.

You may review the IPAC Preventative Measures Summary here:

Remember! Always self-check yourself for signs or symptoms of illness before coming to work. If you’re sick, stay home. If you’ve had a potential exposure to illness, please notify Scheduling.

Important signage/documents

The following documents should be posted at your worksite in the corresponding locations.


Office or Employee area:

All other IPAC related documents can be found on the Forms or Policies tab above.

Other important or helpful information

The role of the DSP and the Coronavirus: https://youtu.be/ud4Q4e_hcuw

Plain Language information on the Coronavirus – a great resource for bridging the conversation with people we support and others who many not know about COVID-19 and the impact it can have.