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Please note that Kronos moved to a new user-interface effective September 17th, 2020. To learn more, go here: https://old.clgw.ca/Admin/2020/07/15/update-kronos-is-getting-a-face-lift/



Logging in and out using VCA authentication

Time & Labour Module (TLM) Guide for Employees

Viewing Accrual Banks

Set up Kronos Mobile for your Android or Apple phone (NEW FOR 2021)

Cancelling Time Off Requests

Kronos New UI Walkthrough

How to sign in

1. Enter your username and Kronos password and click LOGIN.

2. The first time you login you will be required to change your Kronos password. Decide on a new Kronos password, which must be at least 8 characters long, have at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case letter, at least one number, and at least one special character. Placing the cursor into the new password box will show a pop-up with these instructions. Type your current Kronos password into the first box, then your new Kronos password into the next two boxes and click CHANGE.

3. When you have changed your Kronos password you will be asked to confirm your contact details. These contact details will be used to send you messages to verify your identity. They will be your cellphone number, your home phone number, and your email address. Make sure that your email address is your “@clgw.ca” address. If the last four numbers of the phone numbers look correct, and the emails address ends in clgw.ca, click SAVE, else select the incorrect item and correct it.

4. On subsequent logins the webpage will ask you for a passcode (a ‘Virtual Code’), which will be emailed to you when you select ’email’ and click SEND EMAIL This passcode is different each time you use Kronos, and the process is called “VCA authentication” (Virtual Code Authentication). You can turn off this security feature by selecting the checkbox before you type in the passcode and click Enter. The security feature will be turned back on if you login from another computer, or if you clear the cookies for your browser.

If you have followed the above instructions you will now be logged into Kronos and you can enter your time as directed by your Supervisor, or by following the documentation links below.

If you need assistance getting your ‘Virtual Code’ passcode:

5. Check Outlook or Webmail for the email.

6. Webmail can be accessed by clicking the Webmail tab in the menu above, or by clicking here. If you require help with Webmail, there is a cheatsheet for first time users here.

7. To login to Webmail, enter your username and CLGW password then click Sign In. Your username is usually in the format “FirstnameLastname”, for example “RobinSmith”. The first time you use Webmail you will have to reset your CLGW password, and select your timezone (which is Eastern). Follow the onscreen instructions to change your CLGW password. New CLGW passwords must be at least 8 characters long, have at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case letter, and at least one number. CLGW passwords cannot contain your name, “community”, “living” nor “clgw”, and they cannot be the same as a previous CLGW password.